This site is to help document Frank Lloyd Wright’s unbuilt visions. It covers both unbuilt plans and original visions of later-built ideas.


Purely for educational purposes.


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  1. hi! Congratulations for this wonderful blog!! I love FLW work. I wanted to ask you: i’m very interested in FLW’s Huntington Hartford Sports Club unbuilt project so, where did you get those great plans? are there more plans/sections available? I’m doing some research on this project and i would like to collect as much information as possible. Thanks!!!


    1. All — or, well, close to 100% — of my scans are from the Taschen volumes. What I did scan is what was supplied in the books.

      There might be more information in the Monographs, but I am unsure.

      If you want a lot more info and help, go to savewright.org’s forum and ask there. A lot of other Wright fans are willing to help.


  2. woooooow, impresionante…!!! I can’t beleive this..!!! Wright’s unbuilt projects in high resolution, I have looked for these projects… Thanks for this great job… saludos desde Ecuador… Greetings from Ecuador…!!!


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